Sustainable Forest Practices and Products from The Forest Room, Alberta Forest with Fall Colors

Every Day is Earth Day in The Forest Room!

From the beginning of The Forest Room, we have placed a priority on operating sustainably, but what does this mean exactly?  How does sustainability inform our products, our processes and choices?  On this 2024 Earth Day, let us explain:

  • We only use wood that is sourced from our home property.  The wood comes from trees that have fallen naturally (wind, rot, etc.), or been taken down for safety reasons.  

  • Because the wood is all sourced right here, the transportation to our wood working shop is minimal, mere steps away.

  • We use the power of mother nature to dry the wood naturally, with the heat of sun when we have it and when we don't, we have been known to have a living room full of wood pieces drying in front of the wood stove!

  • We harness the sun with a private photovoltaic system which supplements the power for our tools.

  • The Forest Room is intentionally focused on serving clients locally, participating in a community of like-minded, conscious consumers and serving their custom requests. 

  • By focusing locally, we are able to coordinate deliveries and build upon existing travel.  This may add a little extra time to a delivery, but we've found it is always possible to work something out with reduced emissions in mind!

  • Products from The Forest Room are all natural and non-toxic.  We use only solid wood pieces that are unfinished, so no harsh laminates, stains, sealants, plastics or chemicals included.

  • Our waste stream is minimal!! Oh so small, it actually deserves its own blog post! For now, let's focus on the sawdust, which we have manage by adding it to our garden compost and sharing it with neighbors for use in composting toilets.

In every project we consider and complete, we have sustainability in mind and are always striving to do more.  We are proud to provide our clients with products that are enduring, natural and representative of these values!


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