The Forest Room

The original Forest Room was created as a naturally shaded gathering space, a living room in the forest. As this little shop took shape, we were in search of a name that would capture our desire to celebrate and share the natural beauty of the Alberta Foothills forests.

And The Forest Room was quite literally right in front of us!

The Warmth of Wood, The Feel of the Forest

Welcome to the Forest Room, an opportunity to bring the natural elements of the forest into your own spaces.

Who We Are

The Forest Room is a small family business, based in the Alberta Foothills.

We are constantly in awe of the natural environment that surrounds us, from the mountains and valleys to the rivers, forests and wildlife. We grateful to call this area home and to share it with you!

Hand Crafted

We aim to craft products that are natural, timeless and provide a sensory experience, bringing the forest closer to you.

We work closely with our clients, encouraging custom requests and creating relevant pieces and products to meet your specific needs.

Local & Sustainable

We are dedicated to using sustainably sourced wood from our home property.  This means we only work with trees that have fallen naturally or been taken down for safety reasons. We also look carefully at each unique piece of wood and consider how it may be best utilized for an end product.